The uncontrollable need to purchase
"just one more" guitar to satisfy an inner desire that knows no boundaries! A growing epidemic, this compulsive disorder can be triggered by the mere sight of a guitar and typically results in a financial transaction.

GAS is an affliction that affects scores
of musicians worldwide with no regard to race, creed or color. Severe GAS sufferers have been known to even hide their disease from their spouse or significant other.

There is no known cure however effective palliative treatments to minimize the symptoms can be found in every music store, internet retailer, industry publication or guitar show

GAS unfortunately, does not  just involve guitars as what would an electric guitar be without an amp? And what about that effect pedal? New or old, it doesn't matter! The Big 3 (Martin/Gibson/Fender), custom builder, obscure manufacturer or import. And of course your own creation!

Of course practically everything with strings that you pluck, pick or strum can be associated with the disease.  A mandolin player may suffer from MAS (Mandolin Acquisition Syndrome) or the affliction may cause BAS (Bass or Banjo Acquisition Syndrome). Of course there are guitar specific forms such as RAS (Resophonic Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) or even the catch all OAS (Odd Stringed Instrument Acquisition Syndrome).

Whatever your instrument of choice there is an associated acquisition syndrome for the truly afflicted!

GAS is an extremely debilitating disease that can require years of intense therapy to achieve even brief periods of remission. It has the ability to mutate into other musical instrument syndromes making for a complete cure highly improbable. Only through incredible discipline, including but not limited to, the avoidance of any musical instrument related publication, website, store or other temptation that could lead to an acquisition and ultimately a complete relapse.

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