I've owned numerous Samick labeled and Samick manufactured guitars both acoustic and electric. This one is a bit of a mystery! Another eBay find, I just had to have it (G.A.S. ATTACK!) and the Buy It Now of $199 worked for my budget. No markings whatsoever or anything to pursue reasearch wise other than its appearance. So far my searches have come up empty so for now I'll just call her a "special". If any reader can assist with identification an email would be greatly appreciated!

My first thought was a bass. Looks like some high end Korean bass models I've seen which makes sense considering Samick is one of the largest manufacturers. Shape, woods, etc. all said bass but this was a guitar. Also, this style of through the body design is typically reserved for bass guitars. Of course it doesn't mean that guitars weren't made like this and in this case, I'm glad they did.

Although a great find she is not without some obvious modifications like the Gibson control knobs, changed output jack, holes left from a Roland sythn pickup install and even the pickups which I believe are not original to the guitar. No show stoppers though as I swap out most pickups with my GUITAR FUEL stuff anyway. Gold covers are in order with a nice matched set of overwound humbuckers underneath them. Lots of room in the cavity for either a parametric eq system or perhaps a few active tone circuits. The best part about the guitar is its killer neck. Thin and lightning fast!
Small (only 36" length!) and sweet, she weighs in at only 6.5 pounds so you can play her for extended periods. I'm thinking perhaps a show guitar (NAMM) due to the absence of a serial number? Demo model sent to sales reps? Perhaps she's just a model I haven't been able to find. Doesn't really matter as I found another "keeper" for less than $200.




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