THE GAS Gallery II

A selection of 120 instruments and amplifiers that passed through my collection.They cover a 60 year period between the 1930s and 1990s. Lots of Gibsons (of course) but plenty of other manufacturers that you will recognize. Some oddballs that will make you pause. Just some fine vintage guitars and amplifiers that helped me to establish my collection.

  To me, every vintage guitar or amp evokes some basic questions. Who was the previous owner(s) and where has it traveled? Was it played by a gigging musician or used just for pleasure? Are the battle scars and cigarette burns from some southwest honky tonk, a local juke joint in a faceless midwest town or just the kids were bored one day? If the instrument could talk just think of the stories it could tell. Every one is a little piece of American musical instrument history that continues to live on in the hands of its new owner! 

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